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A boiler operates by utilizing various fuel sources like natural gas, oil, electricity, or propane to ignite a combustion chamber, electric ignition system, or pilot, heating water within the boiler chamber. The resulting hot water is then circulated through pipes to the home’s heat distribution system, which may consist of iron radiators, copper fin baseboard radiators, air handlers, or in-floor radiant heating. As the hot air rises and circulates, it provides warmth and comfort throughout the house.

When selecting a boiler for your home, considering its efficiency is crucial. Higher efficiency ratings can lead to substantial energy savings and improved home comfort. Boiler efficiency is measured using the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), which compares the heat generated by the boiler to the energy consumed. The AFUE rating indicates how efficiently the unit performs over the course of a year. It is displayed on the EnerGuide tag affixed to the side of the boiler and helps homeowners determine the unit’s efficiency. Older units without an EnerGuide label may be less efficient and may require replacement.

Boiler efficiency can vary depending on the type of boiler and fuel source. Mid-efficiency boilers typically range from 80-88% efficiency, while high-efficiency boilers can achieve 90-98% efficiency. Although Canada does not have a specific efficiency standard, it is recommended for homeowners to choose boilers with a minimum efficiency of 92%. Boilers with an efficiency rating of 92% or above strike a favorable balance between monthly energy savings and upfront cost.

Regardless of the AFUE rating, regular annual maintenance by a licensed technician is essential to ensure the boiler operates at its peak efficiency. Routine maintenance helps to identify and address any issues promptly, allowing the boiler to function optimally and efficiently year-round.

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