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Bradford White Water Heaters and Hot Water tanks Installation Vancouver BC


The Infiniti® GS and GR tankless water heaters offer the energy-efficiency, high-performance and cutting-edge features you want in a tankless water heater. They feature a robust stainless steel heat exchanger for longer life and deliver powerful performance that will give your family all the hot water they need.

These tankless water heaters provide flexibility to meet your needs. They work with natural gas or propane and can be installed indoors or outdoors (with outdoor kit). They’re available as standard tankless (Infniti® GS) or with a recirculation pump that delivers instant hot water to every faucet in your house (Infniti® GR).


ULTRA LOW NOx WATER HEATERS. The Eco-Defender Ultra Low NOx water heaters deliver proven performance while setting the standard for low NOx emissions to protect our environment. With a state-of-the-art radiant burner and an advanced control system, Eco-Defender models emit 75% less NOx emissions than standard models while maintaining optimal combustion efficiencies and performance. Our exclusive Eco-Defender Safety System® protects against external vapor ignition ensuring safe operation and peace of mind. Available now in CA and UT.


Bradford White’s Infiniti® K Series Tankless Water Heaters help you maximize all the advantages of going tankless. They feature our exclusive STEADISET® technology, which delivers extremely consistent and accurate hot water on demand. So every member of your family gets a perfectly hot shower – whether they go first or last!

Our exclusive Scale Reduction Technology (SRT) reduces scale buildup to avoid performance issues and simplify maintenance.

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