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Heat & Glo Fireplace Models and Repair

Live in year-round comfort with the upscale Primo II and its automatic control for low or no heat. The sleek clean finish, big view of the flames, and whisper-quiet operation set the mood for kicking back or entertaining in any season or climate. Our stunning double-sided version lifts two spaces at once with the shared focal point of a welcoming fire. A cozy place radiating connectedness.

Create a place you’re looking forward to each day—and can enjoy in any season or climate. At its heart is a sleek showpiece, the Primo II luxury linear gas fireplace. Tailor the look to fit your decor. Choose low or no heat. Then kick back with family or friends at a time when rest and rejuvenation have never been more important.


Direct Vent Technology
Removes any fumes or combustion exhaust efficiently and effectively from your home.

LED Multi-Colored Firebed Lighting
Creates high-contrast, brilliant lighting in a chosen hue or continuously cycles through colors.

SafeSurface Glass
Double-pane glass to keep heat away without a screen providing the best view of the flame.

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Low Heat Output
Enjoy year-round comfort with the Primo II linear gas fireplace and its trailblazing control for low or no heat.

Uncompromised Design
Bring sheet rock, wood panels or other heat-sensitive materials right up to the opening of the fireplace.

Fire bed material
The interior look helps make your fireplace your own. With natural substrates that complement the fire, you can express your style in unique and captivating ways.

Heat Management
Explore a range of solutions to send the heat where you want it or control the fireplace output for maximum comfort.

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