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What to Do If You Smell Gas When Entering Your Home: Step By Step Guide

Discovering the smell of gas when you enter your home can be alarming and potentially dangerous. Gas leaks can lead to fire hazards or even cause health issues if left unattended. It’s essential to act promptly and take specific steps to ensure your safety and the safety of your household. Follow this guide to handle a gas smell situation efficiently and effectively.

Step 1: Evacuate Immediately

The moment you detect the smell of gas, do not hesitate. Evacuate everyone from the premises immediately. Leave the doors open as you exit to allow the gas to dissipate, and avoid using any electrical switches or appliances that could cause sparks.

Step 2: Don’t Use Your Phone or Lighters

While evacuating, resist the urge to use your phone or lighters. Even a small spark can ignite the gas, leading to a hazardous situation. Wait until you’re a safe distance away from the property before contacting emergency services.

Step 3: Call Emergency Services

Once you are safely outside, call your local gas utility company’s emergency number or the fire department immediately. Inform them about the gas smell and your location. Gas leaks are emergencies that require professional intervention, so don’t delay making the call.

FortisBC’s emergency line. 1-800-663-9911 or the Fire Department at 911

Call Onsite Gas Contractor – 604-554-4444

Step 4: Do Not Re-Enter the Property

Under no circumstances should you re-enter the property until it has been deemed safe by a professional. Allow the emergency responders to assess the situation and address the gas leak properly.

Step 5: Notify Neighbors

If you smell gas in your home, there is a possibility that others in the vicinity might be affected. Inform your neighbors to be cautious and, if necessary, evacuate their homes as well.

Step 6: Avoid Sources of Ignition

While awaiting the arrival of emergency responders, avoid any sources of ignition near the property, such as cigarettes, candles, or anything that produces sparks.

Step 7: Seek Medical Attention (if necessary)

If anyone in your household experiences symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, or difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical attention. Gas leaks can cause health issues, especially in enclosed spaces.

Step 8: Let Professionals Handle It

Leave the gas leak investigation and repair to trained professionals. Gas leaks are dangerous and require specialized knowledge and equipment for detection and repair.

Step 9: Schedule a Safety Inspection

After the gas leak has been addressed and repaired, schedule a safety inspection by a licensed gas technician. They will ensure your gas appliances and lines are safe and in proper working condition.

Step 10: Preventive Measures

To avoid future gas leaks, consider installing a gas leak detector in your home. Additionally, have your gas appliances and lines regularly inspected by a qualified professional to detect any potential issues early on.

Remember, when it comes to gas smells, safety always comes first. Follow these steps and trust the expertise of professionals to handle the situation. Acting quickly and responsibly can prevent serious consequences and ensure the well-being of everyone in your home.

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